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Animals, Fish and Bird paintings

Click on the images below, for a slide show.

Texas Longhorn

11 x 14 framed watercolor on canvas.$250

The Dance

Playful koi dance among the lily pads creating lovely swirls in the water. 21 x 14, unframed


Acrylic painting on wrapped canvas, 12x12. SOLD

"Done for the Day"

This watercolor painting was created using a photo of my cat, then arranging the palette and other art supplies in my drawing. The fabric pattern was added to add some color. Fun!

What a Hoot!

This wise guy is enjoying his lush surroundings and was fun to paint. Watercolor, 15x13, framed. $250

Cockatoo Chatter

Luscious watercolor creates the habitat for these lively birds. 28x18 image. Framed painting, 36x28. $725

"The Proposal" ©

I captured a photo of these peacocks courting outside my classroom at the Art School. As I painted in my studio, I created the lovely garden. 32x40, framed watercolor. $1,000.

In a Tizzy

Koi swirl among the lily pads creating patterns of spashing water. SOLD. Prints and products available.

"The Outsider"

I painted this from a photo I took on a trail in Spain and rearranged them for the composition to have a mood and tell a story. Sold, prints & products available.

"TheConversation" ©

These Scarlet Macaws are enjoying a chat in their lush tropical setting. Watercolor and gouache. Prints & products available.

"The Other Side of the Fence" ©

These cute goats were excited to see us, at our villa in Puglia. Sold. Prints and products are available.

"Intertwining" ©

This painting was selected for the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies exhibit in 2016. Giclee Prints & products available

"Cat Napping" ©

This is my cat, Bella. I would be happy to do a pet portrait for you!

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