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Animals, Fish and Bird paintings

Click on the images below, for a slide show.

The Dance

Playful koi dance among the lily pads creating lovely swirls in the water. Watercolor, 28x22, framed


Acrylic painting on wrapped canvas, 12x12.

"Done for the Day"

This watercolor painting was created using a photo of my cat, then arranging the palette and other art supplies in my drawing. The fabric pattern was added to add some color. Fun!

Swan Song

A peaceful watercolor scene in shades of blues and greens. Watercolor, 9x11, framed. Available

What a Hoot!

This wise guy is enjoying his lush surroundings and was fun to paint. Watercolor, 15x13, framed. $250

Cockatoo Chatter

Luscious watercolor creates the habitat for these lively birds. 28x18 image. Framed painting, 36x28. $725

Texas Longhorn

Just grazing on a lovely summer day. Watercolor on canvas, 9x12, $250.

"The Proposal" ©

I captured a photo of these peacocks courting outside my classroom at the Art School. As I painted in my studio, I created the lovely garden. 32x40, framed watercolor. $1,000.

In a Tizzy

Koi swirl among the lily pads creating patterns of spashing water. SOLD. Prints and products available.

"The Outsider"

I painted this from a photo I took on a trail in Spain and rearranged them for the composition to have a mood and tell a story. Sold, prints & products available.

"TheConversation" ©

These Scarlet Macaws are enjoying a chat in their lush tropical setting. Watercolor and gouache. Prints & products available.

"The Other Side of the Fence" ©

These cute goats were excited to see us, at our villa in Puglia. Sold. Prints and products are available.

"Intertwining" ©

This painting was selected for the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies exhibit in 2016. Giclee Prints & products available

"Cat Napping" ©

This is my cat, Bella. I would be happy to do a pet portrait for you!

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