Flowers are my passion. It is difficult to compete with Nature's beauty, but I enjoy expressing it in my own way. Click on the images below, for a slide show and more information.

Dance of the Shadows

Shadows dance across the table top, enhancing the play of color in this watercolor. 20x14, unframed. Available.

A Rose in Scarlet

Enjoy these luscious colors! Watercolor, 14x11. Available.


Bold colors add to the drama of this piece. Watercolor, image-28x21.

"In the Spotlight" ©

I chose to only bring some of the caladiums forward in this painting, to add some mystery. Watercolor 14 x 21. Available

"A Touch of Gold" ©

Original watercolor 10 x 14, unframed. Available with or without frame.

"Innocence" ©

Children love to examine each petal of a flower, lost in thought.

"Swamp Mallows" ©

A wild variety of hibiscus was seen growing near a pond at the Wildflower Center and begged to be painted! 10x14 watercolor, available.

"Color Burst" ©

Vivid colors burst forth in this watercolor vignette. 11x14, unframed. Available.

"Morning Mist"©

This painting is sold, but various prints and products are available.


Dramatic floral, with rich darks! Watercolor, image 14x21, available.

"Blue Pitcher with Pears"©

Watercolor, 10x14, unframed. Available.

"Here comes the Sun"©

The Texas Bluebonnet is a challenge to present in a unique way. This close-up detail, with a hint of yellow and circular shapes, suggests the sunlight peeking through. 29x29 unframed watercolor. Available: original, prints & products below.

"Mexican Hat Dance" ©

Mexican Hats, 21x14, unframed watercolor. Available.

"Fading Glory"©

The magnolia evolves into lovely pastel shades, just before it's petals fall to the ground. Watercolor, 21x29, unframed. Available.

"Dutch Iris and Daisies"©

Flowers from my garden. Watercolor. 10x13, unframed. Available.

"Evening Primrose" ©

Beautiful wildflowers dance across the fields and along the highways in Texas. Watercolor, 14x21, unframed. Available: original & prints.

"Spring Bouquet"©

Lovely flowers from my garden. Watercolor, 8x12, unframed. Available.


Watercolor, 8x12 unframed. Available

"Twilight" ©

Evening sets on a prickly pear cactus. Watercolor, 14x21, unframed.


The blue of the sky and lavender lilies provide a lovely setting for the fish. Watercolor, 13x21, unframed. Available: prints & other items.

"Prickly in Pink" ©

Cactus blossom up close and personal! 22x30 watercolor, unframed. Available

"Evening Glow"©

Bird of Paradise, watercolor. 8x10.5, unframed. Available.

© 2019 by Sue Kemp  All rights reserved.

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