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Flowers are my passion. It is difficult to compete with Nature's beauty, but I enjoy expressing it in my own way. Click on the images below, for a slide show and more information. 
Contact the artist for more information and availability.

Sunflowers in Pitcher

"Sunflowers in Pitcher" 18x14, unframed

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet, 14 x 18, framed.


Stargazer 14 x 18, watercolor


Dutch Iris with Gerber Daisies. 14 x 18, framed.

Blue Pitcher with Pears

Watercolor, 16 x 20, framed. Available

Wild and Free

"Wild and Free" Texas bluebonnets mingle with the prickly poppies, but prefer to stand alone. 28 x 22, framed.


Angel's Trumpets reach for the light. 28 x 22, framed watercolor.

Here Comes the Sun

Texas Bluebonnets presented in a unique way, with a hint of sunshine peeking through. 31 x 31, framed. Available


"Colorburst" The edges create a lovely vignette, leaving the focus on the pink blossom. 16 x 20, framed.

"In the Spotlight"

Caladiums, framed 22 x 28


"Starburst" Bold colors add to the drama of this painting. Framed watercolor, 37 x 26. Available

A Touch of Yellow

"A Touch of Yellow" 20 x 16 This is such a happy piece with the lovely flowers caressing the fruit.


Golden Daffodils 16 x 20 Pure sunshine!

Berry Bouquet

"Berry Bouquet" Rich earth tones surround the bright sun flowers. 14 x 12, unframed.

Fresh Cut, watercolor. 21 x 27, framed.


Mexican Hat Dance. 20 x 18, framed.

Swamp Mallows

Watercolor, 14 x 18

Magnolia Cutting

Magnolia, watercolor painting, with collage. 14 x 18, framed. Available.


Hollyhocks grace the gardens of the adobe house, reminding me of Santa Fe. 20 x 16, framed.

dance of the shadowsps

Dance of the Shadows 20 x 14, framed.

Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia blossom,16 x 20 framed watercolor, available.

Evening Primrose 22x28, watercolor.

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