Flowers are my passion. It is difficult to compete with Nature's beauty, but I enjoy expressing it in my own way. Click on the images below, for a slide show and more information.

Sunflower Bouquet

Selecting sunflowers for a bouquet can bring you joy. Remembering those in the Ukraine. Watercolor image is 16x12. Available


Angel's Trumpets reach for the light! 21 x 14, watercolor. Available

"Swamp Mallows" ©

A wild variety of hibiscus was seen growing near a pond at the Wildflower Center and begged to be painted! 10x14 watercolor, available.

Dance of the Shadows

Shadows dance across the table top, enhancing the play of color in this watercolor. 20x14, unframed. Available.


Watercolor, 8x12 unframed. Available

"Spring Bouquet"©

Lovely flowers from my garden. Watercolor, 8x12, unframed. 16x20 framed. Available.

"In the Spotlight" ©

I chose to only bring some of the caladiums forward in this painting, to add some mystery. Watercolor 14 x 21. Available


Bold colors add to the drama of this piece. Watercolor, image-28x21.

"Color Burst" ©

Vivid colors burst forth in this watercolor vignette. 11x14, unframed. Available.

"Blue Pitcher with Pears"©

Watercolor, 10x14, unframed. Available.

"Here comes the Sun"©

The Texas Bluebonnet is a challenge to present in a unique way. This close-up detail, with a hint of yellow and circular shapes, suggests the sunlight peeking through. 29x29 unframed watercolor. Available: original, prints & products below.

"A Touch of Gold" ©

Original watercolor 10 x 14, unframed. Available with or without frame.


Dramatic floral, with rich darks! Watercolor, image 14x21, available.

"Mexican Hat Dance" ©

Mexican Hats, 21x14, unframed watercolor. Available.

"Dutch Iris and Daisies"©

Flowers from my garden. Watercolor. 10x13, unframed. Available.

"Evening Primrose" ©

Beautiful wildflowers dance across the fields and along the highways in Texas. Watercolor, 14x21, unframed. Available: original & prints.

"Evening Glow"©

Bird of Paradise, watercolor. 8x10.5, unframed. Available.

"Morning Mist"©

This painting is sold, but various prints and products are available.

"Fading Glory"©

The magnolia evolves into lovely pastel shades, just before it's petals fall to the ground. Watercolor, Prints available.

"Prickly in Pink" ©

Cactus blossom up close and personal! Watercolor. Prints available